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Plan: Improving the technology of radiotherapy Increasing the level of competence and the number of specialists Regular introduction of the latest technologies for supportive therapy during treatment   Technologies we use in radiotherapy.   Dosimetry 4D scan This scan is used to prepare for treatment and helps identify the tumor. It has more than 10 phases for breathing recognition. It helps visualize a tumor (target) taking into consideration micromotions (respiration).   Artificial Intelligence The artifici..
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Artificial intelligence in the High Energy Center. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being introduced into our daily lives and we do not even always notice it. Machine learning and databases are part of artificial intelligence, thanks to a database of events that have already taken place, a machine can predict the future trend.   Artificial intelligence and our daily life. Each of us has a cell phone, and you probably use a Google search engine or Yandex. You’ve probably noticed that when entering a key phrase you are offered options for continu..
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