Frequently asked questions about radiotherapy in our oncology center

Is it possible to perform radiotherapy twice?
Yes, to do that, the radiotherapist needs to examine your profile, find out the dose that's already been delivered, and calculate the dose that can still be delivered to the tumor area.
What are the possible side effects of radiotherapy?
Radiotherapy can cause local inflammation, such as skin or mucous inflammations. Swallowing difficulties with some type of oncology(nasopharynx, esophagus and stomach cancer). If the treatment is carried out in the pelvic area, there may be diarrhea or frequent urinary urges.
What is supportive therapy?
Supportive therapy includes all necessary procedures and medications to eliminate side effects from radiotherapy, chemotherapy and the disease itself. Taming pain and nausea, psychological help, improved healing and general condition with photobiomodulation.
What rules should the patient follow?
Before starting the treatment, the patient will be given the necessary instructions, which will depend on the area where the treatment will be carried out. For instance, for some cancer types, you would need to drink two glasses of water to make the bladder full, 30 minutes before the procedure. For prostate cancer treatment, the rectum would need to be empty. Before the start of the procedure in the chest area, a special cream would have to be applied.
Why is radiotherapy being performed?
If radiotherapy is performed after surgery, it is necessary to reduce the risk of relapse. In other cases, radiotherapy can be performed together with chemotherapy, for remission.
Radiotherapy can also be performed for palliative purposes, to reduce pain and complications that can be observed when having metastases (e.g. to remove the compression in the bone marrow, or to remove bleeding in the stomach or bladder).
How does the radiotherapy work?
In radiotherapy treatment, a very large number of X rays (photons) are delivered to the tumor area, which destroy the tumor's DNA without allowing it to grow and multiply. Radiotherapy is carried out on the tumor area only, while healthy cells are protected as much as possible.
When can I start the radiotherapy treatment?
The oncology therapist decides individually about the need for radiotherapy. He'll set a date for the start of treatment. Before treatment, the patient will need to undergo a preparation stage, during which the dosimetry scanning is done. Treatment begins as early as possible.
How long does one radiotherapy session last?
The average duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes of which the main part is setting and preparation, the treatment itself lasts no more than 2-3 minutes.
How often do sessions take place?
On average, daily, 5 times a week. Stereotactic procedures are carried out at intervals of one to two days.
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