Endometrial cancer
Uterine cancer (adenocarcinoma) or endometrial cancer may be suspected if vaginal bleeding is observed in patients during menopause or outside the menstrual period before menopause. If there is a suspicion, the gynecologist performs an ultrasound scan of the pelvic organs and a biopsy.

The anatomical and pathological examination of the biopsy confirms or refutes the diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Pelvic MRI and a thoraco-abdomino-pelvic scanner complete the diagnosis and detect the presence of metastases in the lymph nodes or in other locations.

If the tumor is localized, surgery is suggested, this is the main treatment. Depending on the characteristics of the lesion, additional treatment methods can be proposed, such as pelvic radiotherapy of 45 Gy for 25 sessions of 1.8 Gy followed by brachytherapy of the vagina to reduce the risk of local and regional relapse.
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