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cancer treatment in nice

Useful information for foreign patients.


For patients who posses a national insurance Carte Vitale (Mutuelle)


If you don’t speak French but posses a French medical insurance, please contact our translator Oxana, she will help you prepare a medical dossier with Dr. Troussier and will guide you on what to do next.


Further treatment will be taking place in the same mode as for French patients.

During your first visit, a personal medical record and administrative dossier will be created for you. All necessary documents are scanned and attached to the common record.


For patients who do not posses a Carte Vitale (Mutuelle) national insurance.


Regardless of where you are, you can send all the necessary documents to the indicated contacts in the contacts section and you will be billed on the basis of the sent documents, which will have to be paid before starting treatment.

In case you need a visa or an escort, please mention this in the request, based on this the procedure may differ, depending on the country of residence.

An individual form of service will be offered for each of the foreign patients, depending on the wishes and needs of the patient. Upon arrival, the patient is set to remote monitoring and online consultation.


Social treatment for foreign citizens.


Our medical center has a social consultant who determines the possibility of receiving free treatment in France for foreign citizens in accordance with the AME (Aide Médicale d’Etat) regime.

To receive free treatment in France, you must meet certain criteria (for example, illegally stay in France for more than three months) and follow the specified procedure.


cancer treatment in nice


Useful information.

For your convenience, radiotherapy procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and last from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

Your oncologist-radiotherapist will prescribe you the required number of procedures and the intervals between procedures. An average of 3 to 5 treatments per week. If chemotherapy is associated with radiotherapy, then chemotherapy will be carried out in one of the partner centers under the medical responsibility of a chemotherapist oncologist.

During the first consultation, an appointment will be made to prepare for treatment. During the consultation for the treatment preparation, the patient will meet a team of operators who will conduct a dosimetric scan. This scanning is necessary to obtain complete information and adapt the treatment. Then, a consultation will be held with the paramedical workers of the center (operators and electro-cardiologists who specialize in radiotherapy).


Note! Even for patients who have insurance or patients who have been approved by AME, there may be financial charges that are not covered by insurance and the state! The patient is informed of these costs in advance.

On the patient's request, the attending physician will provide bulletins with the protocol of treatment, this bulletin will consist of 3 copies, one copy for the attending physician, another for the doctor from the insurance company and the third one for the patient himself. This document will need to be carried with you throughout the treatment, as well as an updated Carte Vitale.




The clinic can be reached in various ways: ambulance, medical taxi. Whatever the mode of transportation is, there are financial reimbursements for the patients with national insurance. However, in order to be able to use this type of transport for free, your doctor will have to write you a prescription for the required mode of transportation.


If you are using your personal car, then at the clinic’s reception you will be given a badge from the clinic parking in exchange for a deposit of 50 euros.


For your convenience, we suggest that patients of the clinic bring with them a towel or a bathrobe, which can be worn during the way from the locker room to the accelerator.

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