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High Energy Center in Nice.

Oncological Radiotherapy High Energy Center in Nice is one of the few private sector centers in France and the only one in the city of Nice, which is equipped with the latest devices and the ability to deliver radiation in the modulated intensity mode, Volumetric Arc therapy (VMAT),  extra and intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery and radiosurgery.

Our values and vision for the future.

Our values.

Respect, ethics, we pay attention to the needs of our patients. Our credo is the medicine of high human morals, which is based on European and French recommendations of higher authorities, as well as the latest scientific research in the field of oncology. We accompany our patients at all stages of treatment, promptly responding to all their requests. The medicine that we practice is hyper-technological since we use the latest technologies that exist.


Our vision for the future.

Optimization of treatment processes in order to be more operational for our patients. Regularly introduce the latest innovations so that our patients receive the most effective and high-quality treatment that exists at the time of treatment of a particular patient. We regularly improve the quality of supportive therapy so that our patients do not experience discomfort during treatment. We regularly monitor the latest recommendations of the highest French and International authorities.


Center equipment.

In 2016 we installed the first Versa HD Elekta device in our center, with the latest ConeBeam tumor and internal imaging program that replaced Synergy devices from the Elekta manufacturer. Then we installed the second Versa HD device and by the end of 2020 we will install the third Versa HD device, the work to rebuild a new hopper for the third device is currently underway. In Vivo dosimetry has been used in our center since 2010. We also use the GE simulator scanner to virtual mixing screening simulations. 

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