Oncology treatment at the High Energy Center Nice

lechenie onkologii v nitseThe quality of French medicine doesn’t require any advertising. For a long time, the French healthcare system did not allow foreign patients to receive medical services in France easily and without any administrative obstacles. Today, given the increasing flow of foreign patients, the High Energy Center is opening its doors to foreign patients from all over the world who do not have national insurance.

Oncology treatment in France. Quality and reasonable prices.

In France, in particular in our center, advanced technologies approved by European scientific communities are being used in the treatment of oncology. The French government, in particular the Supreme Health Authority, requires clinics to provide the highest level of safety and quality.


At the High Energy Center, we use unique technologies such as Monaco software and artificial intelligence. Our oncology center is one of the most advanced centers in France.

To find out more about all the technologies that we use in our center, read the article TECHNOLOGIES WE APPLY FOR ONCOLOGY TREATMENT.


At the same time, the social component of our state does not accept the medical business, which is why the cost of treatment according to the latest protocols and the best European technologies in France is cheaper than in the other advanced countries. Strict fulfillment of the balance between the highest quality and the social side of the issue of French medicine allows our patients to get the best value for money.


Since the foundation of our clinic, innumerable patients have undergone their treatment with us, having both local and foreign patients, both famous and ordinary people who are looking for the last chance, and our strive is to give them this chance!

dokton onkolog idris trussie lechenie rakaThe foreign clients' department is headed by oncologist Dr. Idriss Troussier, who examines the medical records to make a decision about possible treatment. Administrative matters and communication with patients are handled by his assistant Oxana Romanova.

Oxana and Dr. Troussier can organize and provide online consultations and a second opinion service with a case study.

The High Energy Center works in conjunction with Medifrance Solution, a company that provides visa support and assistance in practical matters such as transfer, accommodation, movement, and assistance with other formalities.



If you are interested in the possibility of treatment in our center, please contact Oxana Romanova via Viber, WhatsApp or phone  +33 6 33 16 80 40.


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