Consultations at the Saint Jean Polyclinic

Saint Jean Polyclinic
92-94 avenue Maurice Donat 06800 CAGNES SUR MER

Consultations at the Saint Jean Polyclinic

This Saint Jean Polyclinic hosts consultations with Dr. Fauchon and Dr. Pinto. Consultations are held from 2 PM to 6 PM by appointment.

We conduct consultations in various medical institutions in order to save our patients from excessive movement.

Collaborating with various medical institutions in the region, the High Energy Center ensures close proximity with its patients and guarantees work in synergy with other doctors and other types of oncology treatments. This allows you to optimize the quality of care. Thus, the center’s specialists are present at multidisciplinary councils that make decisions on the choice of treatment for our patients. The main treatment with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, arc therapy is carried out at 10 Boulevard Pasteur.

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