Accelerators and High Energy Center software

Radiosurgery Versa HD

Center equipment 

The technical platform of our center consists of two accelerators of the last generation designed for radiotherapy, arc therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and radiosurgery. We are preparing a third bunker for the installation of a third accelerator by the end of 2020.

All devices are equipped with a patient positioning control system using visualization.

Our devices are equipped with various innovative systems, such as VMAT. This system allows you to optimize dose delivery, making it safer and more effective. VMAT enables faster, and most importantly more accurate delivery.


For optimal patient positioning, our device is equipped with an efficient positioning system. This system transmits an image system. The system is built into our accelerators; it recognizes positioning thanks to tomography with a cone beam. Positional tomography is performed before each irradiation procedure to correctly register the target volume. 4D symmetry module takes into account the patient’s breathing and micro-movements.

Monaco irradiation

We use innovative Monaco software with the Monte Carlo program, which allows a more accurate dose calculation. The network organization of medical and technical files, parameters and images with the recording of all data, ensures maximum security.

These devices require regular maintenance, which can sometimes shift the schedule of procedures, we thank you for your understanding!

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