A person suffering from oncology should begin treatment as soon as possible to optimize the treatment results. All necessary tests (screening, biological analysis, biopsy, and anatomopathological analysis) should be performed in record time since without these tests it is impossible to start treatment. Our team makes every effort to minimize the waiting time for analyzes and results.

Individual approach

A good oncology treatment is primarily an adapted treatment. That is why an individual approach is key to successful treatment.

Treatment is prescribed based on the following factors:


  • Stage of the disease (local (I or II), locally progressive (III, whether the lymph nodes are affected), common (IV metastasized)
  • Age and general condition of the patient (the medical history and chronic diseases are necessarily taken into consideration)
  • Also, in order to select an effective molecule, various kinds of genetic mutations and gene expressions, proteins are taken into consideration. For example, for the treatment of lung cancer, the expression of PDL-1, mutation of EGFR or ALK will allow one to understand how appropriate the prescription of immune therapy is. And overexpression of HER2 will help you find a treatment for stomach cancer or breast cancer.

Professionalism and Attention

Throughout the cancer treatment, tenderness and attention of the medical personnel are extremely important for the patient. Moreover, each new symptom and the general state of the patient will help to choose supportive therapy and adapt the treatment. It is very important to report your general state symptoms, such as pain, lack of appetite or neurosis to your oncologist. The choice of the treatment to eliminate the symptoms is carried out together with the patient. The center employs oncologists, onco-nutritionists, onco-psychologists, etc.

Meeting specific needs

The patient needs to understand how the treatment choice itself and the prescribed treatment itself works (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy, immune therapy). Each type of treatment has variations, each treatment has its pros and cons, the patient must understand what is happening in order to give his opinion and express his wishes regarding the choice of treatment and supportive therapy.

Our doctors follow protocols approved by the Highest State and European authorities. We apply the latest protocols and treatment techniques in order to give maximum chances of recovery and survival for our patients.

Innovative treatment

In our center not only that we use the innovative VERSA HD radiotherapy device (Elekta), but also revolutionary software that helps to improve the quality of dose calculation and administration. The more accurate the administration of doses, the more effective the treatment.


- Radiosurgery - treatment of brain metastases in 1 - 2 sessions.

- Stereotactic radiotherapy - treatment of tumors and metastases, cleaning of the lymph nodes in 3 to 10 sessions. It is applied in the treatment of metastases in the lungs, liver, and bones.

- Radiotherapy with intensity modulation, volumetric arc therapy (from 10 to 33 sessions) allows you to deliver radiation doses with maximum accuracy, saving vital organs. For example, if a lung is being treated, then arc therapy helps protect the heart, the healthy part of the lung, bone marrow, esophagus, and important vessels.

- The most advanced 4D screening equipment allows the machine to track micromotions during the procedure, such as the heartbeat, breathing or gas accumulation, and to clearly fix the tumor, delaying delivery if the position is shifted and the program ‘’ doesn’t see’’ the tumor. Screening is done before the start of each procedure to ensure that the patient is properly settled.

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